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Secure Remote Access System

Welcome to the Virginia records indexing search system for information stored in the Circuit Court Clerk's Office. This system provides access to public data available in the various Circuit Court Clerk's Offices around the state of Virginia. The data is current as of the date listed; more current data may be viewed by visiting the appropriate Court Clerk's Office.

System Access

To search a locality, please contact your local Circuit Court Clerk's Office to obtain an Account Name and Password. This will require an agreement and payment before the person is granted the ability to search records.

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For security purposes this site requires the use of cookies.  Please make sure that the "accept cookies" feature of your browser is enabled.

Viewing images

In order to view document images, your browser must be equipped with a "helper" application designed for this purpose. We test with "Alternatiff" from Medical Informatics Engineering.  You may download Alternatiff for free.

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