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If you are not seeing an actual image of the document you requested, more than likely there is a problem with your viewer.

While OES does not provide support for installing viewers, we will suggest, however, based on our experience with Alternatiff, the following observations:

  • Viewer not installed. In order to view ANY tiff images, you MUST install a "helper" for Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. We test with Alternatiff from Medical Informatics Engineering. Get AlternaTIFF here.
  • Alternatiff not installed as default viewer. When installing AlternaTIFF, you should check the option "Modify my windows registry in an attempt to give IE a better chance of deciding to use this plug-in." if you did not, try installing AlternaTIFF again using this option.
  • Browser not closed, then re-opened.
  • Shut down your browser, then reload the page.
  • Browser needs security update - See Alternatiff home page for details. NOTE: Plug-ins do not work at all in some copies of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 with Service Pack 1. You will just see a white rectangle with an "image" icon in the corner. Installing Security Update Q279328 appears to fix the problem.
  • If You you still have problems. See AlternaTIFF documentation.

If you have already installed AlternaTIFF and would like to test it, Try viewing a TEST image.

If you can view the test images successfully, then the problem is with the OES website.

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To find out more about why TIFF viewers are needed:
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